VIU Media Highlights: January 6, 2023

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January 6, 2023 - 2:30pm

Mapping molecules in new ways & top 2022 stories 📝

Hopefully you had the chance to relax and unwind a little over the holidays. If you're looking for story ideas this week, we have a researcher who is using mass spectrometry to take a deeper look at tissues, which could have applications for medical research. We also made the list of top-read stories in several categories. Read on below.

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Top stories

VIU researcher hopes to build new tool to map molecules in tissue

Dr. Kyle Duncan is building custom mass spectrometry imaging technology to help get a more accurate picture of metabolites in tissue. Duncan’s state-of-the-art technology can be applied to medical research. He is currently collaborating with members of MetaboBC to help understand how metabolites are distributed in healthy and cancerous tissue with the aim of discovering potential treatment options to disrupt cancer growth and progression. Learn more.

Campus events

Man with guitar on stage with backs of members of crowd visible

VIU's Got Talent

VIU's Got Talent takes place on January 26 in the Malaspina Theatre. Our top student talent will take the stage for the chance to win tuition credits.

VIU in the news

Praying mantis

VIU made several "year in review" round-up lists: 

Top 10 most memorable animal stories of 2022 (Nanaimo Bulletin):

Dr. Tim Goater shared some information about praying mantisis after a Nanaimo woman's cat dragged one into the house. And Dr. Eric Demers speculated about why a Canada goose his research team tagged in Nanaimo might have ended up in Chicago.Read more

Top 10 most-read sports stories of 2022 (Nanaimo Bulletin):

VIU hosted the CCAA Women's Basketball National Championships last spring, and the Mariners made it to overtime of the national final, finishing with silver medals.Read more

Most-read arts & entertainment stories 2022 (Nanaimo Bulletin):

TikTok creator Mike de Vries, an electrical student at VIU, has gained millions of views posting his "body hacks" videos. Read more

Strange headlines of 2022 (Global TV):

In Spring 2022, VIU students researched the history behind some of the more unusually named streets in Nanaimo and put together an exhibit for the Nanaimo Museum. Read more

In case you missed it, here's our top 20 stories of 2022

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