In the Community

Global Village Donates Resource Collection to Malaspina University-College Library

June 30, 1996

Global Village has donated its extensive collection of books, journals and audio-visual materials to the Malaspina University-College library in order to further its cause of fostering greater awareness and understanding between world societies. Mac Dube, Global Village spokesman, said, "Global Village has enjoyed a long collaborative relationship with Malaspina University-College particularly... Read more

Malaspina University-College Awards 134 Baccaulaureate Degrees

June 11, 1996

Malaspina University-College awarded baccalaureate degrees to 134 students on June 11. Bachelor of Arts - Liberal Studies degrees were awarded to 49 students, 68 students received Bachelor of Education degrees, and the Bachelor of Arts - Child and Youth Care degree was awarded to 5 students. This year marked the first year that degrees were awarded in the Bachelor of Arts - General (2 students)... Read more

Malaspina Graphic Design Student Darlene Antal Works on the World-Wide Web

May 31, 1996

Two years ago when Darlene Antal enrolled in the Malaspina University-College's Applied Arts (Graphics) diploma program she had heard of the World-Wide Web and the Internet but she certainly didn't expect her artistic career to take off into "New Media art." "In addition to my graphic design courses, as an elective, I took a course in computer-mediated communications, English 290, and learned... Read more

Malaspina Library launches links

May 21, 1996

A Nanaimo initiative to reduce costs and improve the quality of library service in the region through the sharing of services and other innovations, has born fruit, courtesy of Malaspina University-College library. Under an agreement reached in April, the Malaspina library will provide electronic access to the Canadian Business and Current Affairs database to School District #68 and the... Read more

Malaspina Signs Sister Relationship with Red Cross College of Nursing of Seoul, Korea

May 21, 1996

Malaspina University-College has signed a sistership agreement with the Red Cross College of Nursing in Seoul, Korea. The agreement represents a desire by the institutions to broaden their commitment to health programs in both countries and to provide Korean and Canadian students opportunities for intercultural exchange as part of their education. Signing the agreement for the Red Cross College... Read more

Dr. Imogene Lim, Archaeology Instructor, Digs Into Her Own Past In Vancouver Parking Lot

May 8, 1996

A parking lot at 34 West Pender, in Chinatown, has been turned into an archaeological excavation site and is the first urban archaeology project ever undertaken in the city of Vancouver. Two anthropology instructors, Dr. Imogene Lim of Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo, and Stan Copp of Vancouver's Langara College, are co-directing the excavation which is conducted as a volunteer project... Read more

Shelley Haggard: Malaspina Food Service Worker Turns Poet

May 8, 1996

Shelley Haggard, a Malaspina University-College food service worker for the past six years, has fulfilled another of her artistic dreams, that of being a published poet. This year one of her poems titled "If" was published by the Poetry Institute of Canada in its Pictorial Press edition for 1995, "Reflections By Moonlight." Haggard responded to a nation-wide poetry competition and had her... Read more

Malaspina Acquires Historic Milner Estate

April 28, 1996

Malaspina University-College has acquired the historic Milner Estate in Qualicum Beach and will preserve its famous gardens for posterity. The 42-acre estate is widely known for its striking waterfront beauty, extensive plantings of rhododendrons and as the occasional home of the Queen and members of the royal family. The estate was donated to Malaspina University-College in order to preserve... Read more

Malaspina Biology Students Get a New "Interactive Parasite" Machine

April 18, 1996

Thanks to new technology called videomicroscopy and the efforts of two Malaspina University-College instructors, parasitology students can now interact with some of the most amazing creatures nature has to offer. Welcome to the wonderful microscopic world of parasites. Biology instructor Dr. Tim Goater and instructional computing administrator Liz Hammond-Kaarremaa were on a field trip to... Read more

Malaspina Gets New Hotel and Restaurant Management Degree in Partnership with UVic

March 31, 1996

Malaspina University-College has partnered with the University of Victoria to offer a Bachelor of Commerce degree in hotel and restaurant management. Malaspina students graduating from its two-year hospitality management diploma program will now be able to enter the University of Victoria's Bachelor of Commerce program at the third-year level on the way to completion of the four year degree.... Read more