In the Community

Supporting an inclusive learning environment: A thank-you to VIU Faculty

April 11, 2023

VIU is committed to supporting the academic success of our most vulnerable students by ensuring those who are registered with a disability are afforded accommodations enshrined under Human Rights legislation. The progress we have made as an institution is in large part owed to you as faculty. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our mandate, and for that, the University thanks you. Further... Read more

Jacob Frankel holds up his phone to a sala bush. The green leaves appear on his phone screen.

Nature lovers asked to head outdoors and become citizen scientists during BioBlitz

April 4, 2023

Volunteers can help contribute to biodiversity research by collecting information on flora and fauna. Nature lovers are invited to head outdoors for science during the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region (MABR) BioBlitz this April. “We’re grateful to everyone who volunteers! Each observation improves our knowledge and understanding of both species and ecosystem health throughout the biosphere,”... Read more

Craig Evans standing in front of some white flowers

WEST Instructor, Community Advocate, Patron of the City

March 1, 2023

By Aly Winks Craig Evans has been making an impact since he moved to Nanaimo in 1977. At 22, he was ready to find a place to call home and Nanaimo seemed to answer that calling. It wasn’t long before he put his money where his mouth was and opened Nanaimo’s first recycling operation called the Nanaimo Recycling Society. “For years, I worked in the environmental movement, trying to enact change to... Read more

Children on a rink clearing the snow off

For the love of skating. And family.

March 1, 2023

By Aly Winks Every year in the late fall or early winter, Web Developer Analyst Michael Boquist heads into his backyard. He spends hours lovingly leveling a space of about 20 feet by 12 feet in the yard of his acreage. After that, he hauls out cedar boards and takes an enormous piece of plastic to cover the space he has leveled. He uses the boards to make a border around the plastic. With the... Read more

Dr. Erik Krogn and Dr. Chris Gill stand beside each other in a wooded area

25 years of service: Dr. Chris Gill and Dr. Erik Krogh

March 1, 2023

In some ways, it is hard to believe that Dr. Chris Gill and Dr. Erik Krogh are celebrating their 25 years at VIU. If anything, it seems their energy, engagement and desire for excellence has only grown over the years, deepening their passion for research and teaching in the field of Chemistry. Both are professors in the Chemistry Department and are co-directors of the Applied Environmental... Read more

Jennifer U'Chong

Jennifer U’Chong: 25 years of service in her own words

March 1, 2023

My name is Jennifer U’Chong, and I started working in the Employment and Life Skills Training Program (ELST) in the Academic and Career Preparation Faculty at Vancouver Island University in September 1997. In 2012, the ELST Program revamped to address the needs of our students, and the program transitioned into the Workplace Essential Skills and Training Program (WEST).  The WEST Program has... Read more

Triangles in a beautiful design with lots of colours. Each triangle represents $5,000 in donations.

Giving Tuesday: A visual representation of impact

March 1, 2023

If you were one of the generous donors who contributed to VIU's Giving Tuesday 2022 campaign, you would have received a thank-you card with a stunning stained-glass design on the front.  The artwork was originally designed by Taryn Walker, VIU’s Alumni Relations Coordinator (and brought to life by Sheila Warren). Taryn wanted to find a way to get everyone in the office involved in the fundraising... Read more

Progress on the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan

March 1, 2023

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan was adopted in November 2021 as a key transformational piece of the Strategic Plan, People, Place, Potential. In particular, it supports the priority to become a more inclusive and healthier place for work and study: “We believe that well-being in all its aspects depends on how we treat each other. We will therefore prioritize our work to... Read more

a white letter V on a green square. V is for Vitality.

Creating a stronger, more resilient you

March 1, 2023

Use smart tools to support your physical well-being   When life gets busy, often one of the first aspects that can fall to the wayside is our physical well-being -- this includes things like exercise, nutrition, and the ability to make positive lifestyle choices.  Focusing on our physical well-being is a worthwhile endeavour. While there is no easy way to restart old healthy habits or create new... Read more

Culinary Student pouring vegetables into hot pan to sear them, creating short burst of flames in the pan

VIU restaurant featured as participant during inaugural Dine Out Nanaimo food festival

January 13, 2023

What: Dine Out Nanaimo Festival, featuring VIU’s Discovery Room  When: January 20 to February 5, 2023 Where: The Discovery Room full-service learning restaurant at VIU Nanaimo, BC: The Discovery Room at Vancouver Island University (VIU) will be featured as a participant during the inaugural, multi-day food festival known as Dine Out Nanaimo. Taking place from January 20 to February 5, the... Read more