VIU Nursing Student Thrilled by $5K Pieter de Reuver Foundation Award

Alicyn Fleischmann (centre) meets with Pieter de Reuver (r) and Salud Espiritu to receive the $5,000 Pieter du Reuver Foundation Award of Excellence at Coombs Country Market in June.

September 9, 2015 - 9:00am

The timing of a $5,000 scholarship from Oceanside’s Pieter de Reuver Foundation couldn’t have been better for Alicyn Fleischmann, who begins her third year in Vancouver Island University’s (VIU) Bachelor of Science in Nursing program Sept. 8.

Fleischmann learned she had won the Pieter de Reuver Foundation Award of Excellence in the early summer, as she struggled with the idea of working full-time while also attending to family issues that were consuming her time.

“The award totally boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem and reassured me that hard work pays off,” said Fleischmann, who had saved for university studies since she began working at Coomb’s Country Market at age 13.

The award, which will cover her third year tuition, also provided the Coombs resident with an opportunity to learn new skills as a volunteer.

“With Pieter’s generous award, I was able to take the time to give back to the community,

 she said. “I was able to take the time to volunteer at the baby clinic once a week in Parksville.”

When she completed high school, Fleischmann considered a career as a dietician, or possibly in the fitness field. After learning more about the role of nurses in preventative health and disease prevention, she know she’d found a good fit in VIU’s Nursing program.

“This is a great area of focus for me,” she said, adding she would love to work at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital upon graduation, and eventually work towards a role in public health.

She was thrilled to receive her award from de Reuver and his partner Salud Espiritu at the Coombs Country Market June 30, and to thank them in person for their support.

More than 345 VIU students have benefited from the support of the Pieter de Reuver Foundation since 2009, with more than 100 more expected to receive awards in the coming year.

The Pieter de Reuver Foundation Award of Excellence is awarded to a student in recognition of academic achievement and their positive involvement in the community and demonstration of leadership. The award is available to a student residing in Oceanside, based on their commitment to society, community work, volunteerism, and personal growth through finding and developing new skills.

Fleischmann urges all students to take the time to fill out their VIU Scholarship/Award/Bursary Profile, which is an online process that ensures eligible students can access funds to assist with their University education expenses. VIU awarded $1,458,226 scholarships, awards and bursaries in the last academic year.

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