VIU in the News: Elementary students get a glimpse of their potential future at university

January 21, 2012 - 8:02pm

Robert Barron, Daily News

You could almost feel the excitement among the students at Randerson Ridge Elementary School on Monday as education students from Vancouver Island University hosted Learning Centre Day in the school's gymnasium.

As part of their degree program, approximately 30 VIU students set up 16 hands-on and interactive activity centres that focused on a number of educational themes from science, math and other subjects with the entire school body rotating through the stations throughout the day.

Bernie Krynowsky, a VIU education professor, said Learning Centre Days have been held each year for the past 20 years in schools in the NanaimoLadysmith school district as a means of providing his students with practical experience in the educational field and to give elementary students a chance to explore subjects that interest them in a more interactive way.

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