Using Your Power For Good

March 18, 2019 - 9:15pm

By Margot Croft, Administrative Assistant, Environment & Sustainability 

Hosted by Vancouver Island University’s Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC), the Using Your Power for Good forum was one of the many terrific events of International Education’s Global Citizens Week – Sustainability in Action. Thoughtful and engaging presentations gave new perspectives on how students and employees at VIU are working to make the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals happen. It was also a great opportunity for inter- and multi-cultural, disciplinary, and generational connections to be made, as well as to give some recognition to presenters for their work. Kudos to Steve Hextall of Awareness of Climate Change through Education and Research who discussed the importance of climate change education, and to Stefan Iwasawa for explaining his journey to current-day work with the Centre for Coastal Health.

Relaxed and lively conversation following the pecha kucha-inspired talks was a wonderful way to build campus community, share perspectives, and encourage hope and resilience for the future. SAC events are crafted with a view to provide occasions to consider sustainability and sustainability action regardless of discipline. This forum was a great informal learning opportunity for presenters and participants alike. Thanks to educators who saw this occasion to connect their students to the VIU community, to sustainability, and to in-class teachings by building an assignment around the event.

Check out SAC event Green Ideas (March 21). For more information, please visit our site.

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