Tools for Learning Campaign Beats Target

March 13, 1997 - 4:00pm

Two years of hard work have brought Malaspina University-College Foundation’s first capital fundraising campaign to a successful conclusion.

Launched in February 1995 to celebrate the institution’s 25th anniversary, the Tools For Learning campaign has exceeded its $2.5 million goal and raised $2,778,153.42 for new equipment, library facilities and student awards.

“Everybody can share in this success,” said Foundation Chair Jon Lampman. “This represents the commitment and support of the community for our regional institute of advanced education and job training. And it demonstrates that the people of Malaspina are willing to get involved and do what’s necessary to ensure a better future for their school.”

The 27 community volunteer members of the Foundation organized special fundraising events, approached donors and contributed to the campaign themselves, contributing more than $50,000 individually to the campaign. Malaspina staff and students have also dug deep, contributing from payroll deductions and by volunteering help to special events.

Tools For Learning got a boost at the outset with the donation by George Paine of his 32 acre property and sawmill on East Wellington Road. Other major gifts included $50,000 from the Royal Bank and a $70,000 endowment by an anonymous local individual. The gift that put the campaign over its target came from a Duncan family who have donated a $150,000 insurance policy to the Foundation.

Special fundraising events have been an important part of the Foundation’s program. The Festival of Trees attracts more than 3,000 people every year to the pre-Christmas celebration at Beban Park and this year contributed to increased student access to the Internet and electronic learning. The Fund Run For Learning is sponsored each September by the Fairwinds Corporation and has raised more than $10,000 for student programs and athletics. The Foundation’s top money-raiser has been the Lotto For Learning which offers a house built by the Residential Construction program as the main prize in an annual Christmas/New Year draw. To date Lotto has raised $226,000 for equipment purchases, and will run again in 1997.

Proceeds from Tools For Learning have bought new equipment for the Library and for computer labs at all four campuses, provided scholarships and bursaries, and been shared throughout all departments for equipment upgrades.

The Tools For Learning banner will continue to fly as the Foundation now moves into annual fundraising mode.



Contact: Roger Prior, (250) 740-6212.

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