Malaspina's Fitness Centre provides benchmark for New Year's fitness resolutions

January 8, 1997 - 4:00pm

If you are one of the many folks determined to make good on your New Year's resolution to get fit and to lose extra pounds gained over the holiday season, a personal fitness assessment by Malaspina University-College's Fitness Centre is the right place to begin.

According to Dr. Patrick Neary, exercise physiologist at Malaspina, "It's much easier to develop a fitness program when you know what your level of overall fitness is to begin with. We provide a personal fitness assessment that takes a little over an hour and is a painless way to determine what people need to do to develop a fit and healthy lifestyle."

Dr. Neary, who heads the Exercise Science, Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment Centre operated by Malaspina's physical education department, employs a series of tests to assess individuals' present level of fitness in a number of important fitness categories including body fat composition, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

In addition to beginning your fitness program with an assessment, Dr. Neary and his staff believe it is important to set a program and personal goals that are realistic.

"By choosing activities that you like to do, you'll keep exercising longer and attain a level of fitness where you can really enjoy the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle", said Dr. Neary.

Active people who exercise on a regular basis can also benefit from an assessment to determine if they are getting a full body workout. In addition to fitness assessments the fitness centre staff offer personal training and fitness consultation services.

Other fitness tips. Before exercising, prepare your body for activity by doing a warm-up of light exercise and stretching. Remember to perform a cool-down period to return your physiological systems to normal. Allow at least one day of rest a week to give your body time to regenerate and recover.

Personal fitness assessments are held at the Malaspina gymnasium on Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment.

The personal fitness assessment fee is $50 and includes a consultation on how to set up a fitness program.

For more information or to book an appointment call (250) 753-3245 local 2184.

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