Malaspina Celebrates 60 Years of Vocational Training, May 30 & 31

April 7, 1997 - 5:00pm

A 60th anniversary is something to celebrate.

That's why employees at Malaspina University-College are busy organizing a two-day party on May 30 and 31 at the Nanaimo campus. The reason? To celebrate 60 continuous years of vocational and trades training in Nanaimo.

Sue Benoit, one of the key organizers, extends a warm invitation to all alumni and their families to join the celebration.

"We're trying to locate as many alumni as possible," said Benoit. "We're doing that by trying to contact local and out-of-town businesses and industry where we believe many of our alumni are working."

The 60th anniversary celebration kicks off on Friday, May 30 with 'College-for-a-Day' at the Nanaimo campus. Scheduled events include guided campus tours, commercial/industry displays/demonstrations, live music and entertainment, refreshments and prizes, mini-lectures, program displays, fitness testing and academic advising.

Alumni of the vocational/trades programs and their families are also invited to a "spectacular social" on Friday night in the automotive shop, said Benoit, which includes a hosted barbeque and auction/casino.

Alumni will have another opportunity to mingle and visit with former classmates and instructors all day Saturday, May 31.

A video production team will be roaming the vocational area of the campus during the two-day celebration to conduct interviews with former graduates of vocational and trades programs. "We'd like to know what the former graduates remember about life on campus and hear about what they're doing now," explained Benoit.

A steering committee of 10 to 15 people have been meeting on a weekly basis for several months in preparation for the 60th anniversary celebration.

"We have a group of former instructors working as a sub-committee," said Benoit, "and they're phoning as many retired instructors as possible to invite them to the celebration. We're also preparing a float for the May-Day parade."

Alumni or former instructors with recreational vehicles are invited to park in a lot at the corner of Wakesiah and Fourth Street for weekend accommodation. Information about hotel accommodation will be mailed to alumni and/or former instructors at their request.

For further information about the 60th anniversary celebration, call Carolyn at (250) 755-8703 or Sue Benoit at (250) 753-3245.

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