Deans' List Honour Top Students at Malaspina University-College

October 18, 1998 - 5:00pm

Students who placed in the top ten percent of their classes in degree, university transfer, diploma and certificate programs earned a place on the Malaspina University-College Deans' List. This year 242 students were honoured.

Full-time students must earn a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 8 (A-) or better, and part-time students must earn a GPA of 9 (A) or better.

Paul Erik Andersen - University programs
Ann K Archibald - University programs
Stanley Matkin - Arts 1 - First Nations
Erin E Ashbee - BA Elem Ed yr 3
Natasha Aslam - University programs
Nathan W Astawa - Business Management - Finance option
Trudy Bakewell - Child and Youth Care year 2
Diane Ballegeer - Child and Youth Care - year 3
Ruth Bankhead - New Enterprise Management
Martin Lawrence Barker - University programs
Nadine J. Battie - B.Ed Elem. Yr 4
Shawn Michael Becker - University programs
Karen Ann Boodle B.Sc. Nursing year 2
Timothy C Borden - Aqua & Fisheries
Arlette N Bowman - B Elem Ed Yr 3
Libby Boyle B.Sc. Nursing
Deavlan D Bradley - Liberal Studies - Year 4
Joelle K Brooks - B.Sc. in Nursing - Yr 4
Christie Lynn Brown - University Programs
Natalie Bryce - First Nations Studies Yr 3
Brendan Daniel Cameron - University Programs
Luce Carrier - B.Ed Elem. Yr 5
Samantha Jane Carruthers - University Programs
Cynthia J Cecil - University Programs
Anita M Charleson - University Programs
Michelle Lee Charron - Recreation Administration Yr 2
Pamela Chater - Recreation Administration
Gung (Brendon) Chen - Bachelor of Fine Arts
Yvonne G Chester - University Programs
Bianca Chioccarello - Applied Arts - Interior Design
Kathleen Christensen - Arts 1 - First Nations
Marc Church - Assoc in Music Dipl. (Jazz)
Crystal C Clappis - Business Management
Jillian Clark - University Programs
Chris Cogan - Community Support Worker
Ivy Ruth Compeau - University Programs
Lisa Copeland - Resource Mgmt Officer Tech Yr2
Ivan Joseph Cormier - University Programs
Laara Dalen - B.Sc. Nursing Year 2
Kristen Daniel Shelley - Fisheries & Aquaculture Diploma
Robert James Delong - Business Management
Sabrina Demedeiros - Child and Youth Care - Year 4
Louise Deschamps - Bachelor of Music Year 2
Misha H Dewilde - University Programs
Cheryl Dicker - Child and Youth Care - Year 3
Marion Dickinson - Social Service Worker Cert.
Jodine Dimter, - B Elem Ed Yr 5 Post Degree
Julie Disher - B.Ed Elem. Yr 4
Emily Catherine Drown - University Programs
Leonard Joseph Dube - University Programs
Christie Gail Dunning - University Programs
Pamela Anne Eberhardt - Arts 1 - First Nations
Virginia V Eccleston - Fisheries & Aquaculture Diploma
Gail Marlene Erban - University Programs
Debby Lynn Evans - University Programs
Jennifer M Evans - University Programs
Elaine Verlynda Fairfield - University Programs
Tia Fawdry - University Programs
Kensington K Foort - First Nations Studies Yr 4
Jill Nicole Ford - University Programs
Brian Dale Forseth - Business Management General Management option
Georgina K Foster - Child and Youth Care Yr 4
David M Frank - University Programs
Lou Gagne - Applied Arts - Interior Design
Diane Gallic - University Programs
Denese V Gentry - University Programs
Terina K Gimse - Recreation Administration Yr 2
Dianne M Glassen - B.Sc. in Nursing - Yr 3;
Krista Laureen Gregory - BA Elem Ed Yr 3
Danica Guei - New Enterprise Management
Karoline Guelke - University Programs
Lisa Port Gunther - B.Ed Elem. Yr 4 Post-Deg
Steven Scott Haines - University Programs
Karen Halverson - B.Ed Elem. Yr
Donna Hancock - University Programs
David E Hanegraaf - Fisheries & Aquaculture Diploma
Lindsay Anne Hartley - University Programs
Rebecca Jayne Heipel - Fine Arts (Theatre)
Derek Henson - University Programs
Valerie A Hodge - BEd Elem Ed Yr 3
Donna C Holmes - University Programs
Jean F Irwin - University Programs
Darcy E Johnson - B Elem Ed Yr 5 Post Degree
Paula Johnson - Child and Youth Care Yr 3
Pat J Jost - Applied Arts - Interior Design
Brent Kellas - Assoc in Music (Jazz) Year 2
Erin D Kellogg - Tourism Management
Guy Kempf - B.Sc. in Nursing - Yr 4
Alex King-Harris - Assoc in Music (Jazz) Year 2
Geoffrey Klassen William - Forestry
Joseph Knight - Resource Mgmt Officer Tech 2yr
Rhonda Knippelberg - B.Ed Elem. Yr 4
Lesley Annette Lacaille - University Programs
Jennifer Anne Lake - Business Management
Shelley Lamont - B.Ed Elem. Yr 4
Cheryl Langdale - Early Childhood Education Cert
Paul D Langereis - University Programs
Reina Lebaron - Liberal Studies - Year 4
Lynn Leith - Business Management - Accounting Option
Stella Lewis - Recreation Administration
Stephen Thomas Littley - University Programs
Dawn C Mackey - University Programs
Sharon Mah - Applied Arts (Graphics) Year 2
Larissa N Managh - University Programs
Catherine Manson - B.Ed Elem. Yr 4 Post-Deg
Chris C Matheson - Liberal Studies - Year 4
Miho Matsuda - University Programs
Marilyn Mattenley - University Programs
Kevin Matz - University Programs
Lori Lee McFadyen - University Programs
Darius McKenzie - Assoc in Music Dipl. (Jazz)
Tara McLean - B.Sc. in Nursing - Yr 4
Colleen Frances McLennan - University Programs
Sandy Lynn McNeill - Hospitality Management
Pamela Melnick - Forestry - Year 2
Suzanne Michaud - B.Sc. in Nursing - Yr 3
Galen Mongeau - Assoc in Music Dipl. (Jazz)
Ryan B Moody - University Programs
Maud S Morris - University Programs
Kyla D Nicholson - University Programs
Hew David Padmore - Forestry
Tammy Paquette - Early Childhood Education Cert.
Martha Elizabeth Parker - B Elem Ed Yr 5 Post Degree
Tanya Parsons - University Programs
Cindy L Patten - B Elem Ed Yr 5 Post Degree
Colin J Payne - Bachelor of Music
Krishna Lesley Payne - Forestry - Year 2
Alisa C Perry - Fine Arts (Theatre) Year 2
Karen A Pottinger - Child And Youth Care Diploma
Jason Andrew Prain - University Programs
Carmen E Prunianu - Commercial Accounting
Carol Purdy - B.Sc. Nursing
Sarah A Rafuse - Early Childhood Education Cert
Brenda (Carleigh) Randall - Recreation Administration
Marnie Reckenberg - Bachelor of Music
Irene Robinson - University Programs
Christine Ruchay - Tourism Management Program Yr2
Bryan W Rusch - Fisheries & Aquaculture Diploma
Kavaleen D Ryckman - Early Childhood Education/Child & Youth Care
Nathael Sagard - Applied Arts (Graphics)
Karen Anne Sam - Child and Youth Care Diploma
Robert Sampson - Liberal Studies - Year 3
Jason M Saunders - University Programs
Aisha Sawchuk - University Programs
Sheri Ann Scarsbrook - Hospitality Management
Jennifer A Shirley - Applied Arts (Graphics)
Nicole Kathleen Shook - University Programs
Diane E Shortt - B Elem Ed Yr 3
Karla Christine Shupe - University Programs
Adelle Siddals - Commercial Accounting
Catherine Elizabeth Smandych - Aqua & Fisheries
Roy Harda Sorensen - University Programs
Shawna Sparks - Tourism Management
Bijal Spencer - University Programs
Christine Stedman - BA - Year 3
Karen M Stefanson - Recreation Administration Yr 2
Helen Stewart - B.Ed Elem. Yr 4 Post-Deg
Karen Stewart University Programs
Sophia S Stewart - Fine Arts (Theatre) Year 2
Stephanie Leticia Sturdy - University Programs
David Sulz - BA Elem Ed Yr 5 Post Degree
Akiho Takano - Early Childhood Education Cert
Timothy James Talbot - Fisheries & Aquaculture Diploma
Connie Tarkanen - University Programs
Morgan Taylor - Business Management, Finance option
Seth Taylor - Resource Mgmt Officer Tech
Deborah Jane Tenhoope - Business Management
Kerry Ann Trevelyan - University Programs
Katherine Turner - University Programs
Karen P Vaughan - University Programs
Danielle Lynn Vavra - BA Elem Ed Yr 3
Pauline Vykruta - University Programs
Bonita Thelma Wacholtz - University Programs
Krista Wadden - B.Sc. in Nursing - Yr 3
Raylene Walker - Early Childhood Education Cert
Susie Walker - B.Sc. Nursing
Rachel Leigh Wanhill - University Programs
Karen F Wendelboe - University Programs
Rebecca Yasmin White - Social Service Worker Cert
Colin David Whyte - University Programs
Andrea Wickham - B Elem Ed Yr 5 Post Degree
David I Wilson - Forestry
Lindsay Janeane Windecker - University Programs
Tanya Wood - University Programs
Johannes (John) Wytenbroek - University Programs

Barbara Armand - Arts-1 First Nations
Edward Atkins - B.Sc. in Nursing Yr 3
Robyn Benwell - University Programs
Ron Bochek - Fisheries & Aquaculture Tech
Barbara Bond - University Programs
Linda Boucher - Continuing Health Care Admn
Allison J Brind - University Programs
Philippe Cardinal - University Programs
Matthew J Carter - Assoc in Music (Jazz) Year 2
Gail Boo Champion - University Programs
Alison Tracy Chan - University Programs
Athena P Chang - University Programs
David D Cooper - Bachelor of Arts Yr 3
Ian A Dendy - University Programs
Deanna Georgeson - University Programs
Hatch Kevin - Business Management Accounting Option
Martina Hayward - Continuing Health Care Admn
Crystal B Henderson - Business Management
Toby Hulsen - B.Sc. in Nursing yr 3
Lisa Y Humphreville - Continuing Health Care Admn
Nola M Jeffrey - First Nations Studies year 4
Michael J W Johnston - University Programs
Suzanne L King - University Programs
Glenda D Kirk - University Programs
Christina Knight - University Programs
Nicole S Kuhn - University Programs
Robert A Lazaruk - Accounting Clerk Technician
Bridgette Lord Catherine - University Programs
Susan Lymbery - University Programs
Gary Madelung - Business Management Accounting Option
Shabnam Manhas - University Programs
Darline Martin - University Programs
Kathleen Frances McBride - Collaborative Nursing
Tina Mccann - University Programs
Kathy Mcdougall - Applied Arts Interior Design
Hiroshima Mcilwraith - University Programs
Christine M Mcphee - Recreation Administration
Amy Marie Misiaszek - University Programs
Joanne Barbara Moon - University Programs
Jason Nuotio - Assoc in Music dipl. (Jazz)
Jeffrey David Osterlin - Fine Arts (Theatre) Year 2
Cheryl L Paitson - University Programs
Debra Palmer - Child and Youth Care Year 4
Les Roy Petersen - Liberal Studies Year 3
Kelly J Pile - Child and Youth Care Diploma
Ralph W Pozar - Business Management
Christopher D Price - University Programs
Michael Rickert - University Programs
Frank Sarton - University Programs
Sue Schlombs - Special Education Assistant Cert
Dylan K Sharpe - Assoc in Music Dipl. (Jazz)
Karen M Shillington - Business Management
Julianne Simm - University Programs
Margaret Sorochan - University Programs
Bonnie L Stace-Smith - University Programs
Shirley Sugden - Early Childhood Education Cert
Mary Vane-Hunt - Community Support Worker

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