Awards Recognize Long Service to Malaspina

October 22, 1997 - 5:00pm

Forty-three staff members at Malaspina University-College were honoured October 23 for long service to the institution. A list of names is inside.


DAVE DEGEAR, Chemistry technician
CELIA SHARP, Business Area secretary
RON APLAND, Psychology instructor
CHUCK REAMER, Accounting instructor
RON SMITH, English instructor
GORDON SQUIRE, Forestry instructor (recently retired)
MIKE WAGNER, Biology instructor
SHARON FORREST, Bookstore manager (recently retired)


STU SEIFERT, Heavy Equipment Operator instructor
ROB JEACOCK, Economics instructor
JUDY PALM, Quantitative Methods instructor
JACQUELINE DROZ, Music instructor (recently retired)
THERESA MEYER, International Education coordinator
MALCOLM DUNNETT, Computer Centre director


ERIKA BLAKEMAN, Collaborative Nursing instructor
MARIT FIVELSDAL, Nursing instructor
CASPAR BEUK, Cook Training instructor
ANN AVERY, Continuing Health Care Administration instructor
RAIMO MARTTALA, Economics instructor
SANDRA PATRICK, Chemistry instructor
PAUL HURWITZ, Adult Basic Education instructor
AZIZA IBRAHIM, English as a Second Language Instructor
DOROTHY WALLACE, Student Employment manager
PATRICIA MAC PHERSON, Purchasing clerk
ZOE DAMS, Nursing instructor
KATHLEEN ROVERE, Practical Nursing instructor


PAULINE STEVENSON, Arts & Humanities Area secretary
GORDON HOWE, Groundskeeper
JOSEPHINE MAC DONELL, Food Services Area secretary
SHERRY ROUTLEDGE, Switchboard operator
HEINZ STRUCK, Log Scaling instructor (recently retired)
SHARON TILLIE, Cowichan Campus coordinator
ALAN CHAPELLE, Quantitative Methods/Finance instructor
CHUCK CHESTNUT, Resource Management Officer instructor
STEPHEN GUPPY, Creative Writing instructor
PATRICK NG, Math instructor
DOMINIQUE PEON, Computer Support coordinator
GEORGE PHILION, Social Service Worker instructor
JOHN DALZIEL, Developmental Education instructor (Powell River)
HELEN EVANS, Adult Basic Education instructor (recently retired from Powell River)
PENNY PITTMAN, Central Cashier
MARIA FROST, Director of Finance

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