Applied research assistance for businesses and industry

October 26, 1997 - 4:00pm

Vancouver Island businesses and industries can get assistance to solve problems and challenges they are facing.

Faculty members at Malaspina University-College's science and technology department are interested in working with companies to conduct applied research.

The service is part of the outreach program of Malaspina's new Technology Transfer Centre.

This new program is designed to achieve the goals of the centre which are to link the resources of the University-College with the region's industries to develop technical expertise; to generate collaborative research projects; and to increase the application of technology at the business level.

Jane Atcheson-Groves, technology transfer officer, said that to be eligible for the program, companies should have a minimum of 5 employees.

"The company will determine the issues with which assistance is needed, and we will try to match the need with a faculty member from Malaspina's science and technology department," said Atcheson-Groves.

"The faculty member will meet with the company and its staff and present possible solutions to the problems, and after the initial meeting we will determine if further assistance is needed."

"We can provide applied research assistance in water quality analysis, chemical composite analysis, software development, fish health monitoring, geographic information systems (gis), soil stability, pest management, statistical analysis, mechanical engineering, environmental impact assessment," she said.

For more information on Malaspina's Technology Transfer Centre's outreach program, please contact Jane Atcheson-Groves at 741-2687 or email to

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