Welcoming New Employees

May 8, 2019 - 2:30am

In each issue of VIU Voices, we welcome all new employees at VIU. These are people who are new or who have received their first full-time, regular appointment. This means some people will have been here for a while when they appear on this list, or may be repeated if they move from newly hired temporary to full-time, regular. We hope you all have a wonderful experience in your role at VIU. 

  •  Bryn McKinnon, Financial Coordinator, Division: Faculty of Education
  • Danielle Johnsrude, Manager, Homestay and Off-Campus Housing, Division: Faculty of International Education
  • Kathleen Gallagher, Faculty Secretary, Division: the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Tanya Lanigan, Dual Credit Coordinator, Division: Provost & Vice-President Academic
  • William Creighton, Sr. Tool Room Attendant/Instructional Asst, Division: Faculty of Trades & Applied Technology
  •  Robert Okashimo, Director, Enterprise Risk Management, Division: Vice-President, Administration and Finance
  • Kelly Loewen, Payroll Clerk, Division: Vice-President, Administration and Finance
  • Dan Watt, Building Maintenance Worker, Division: Vice-President, Administration and Finance   

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