Welcome to VIU!

November 7, 2019 - 10:45am

In each issue of VIU Voices, we publish a list of all new, regular employees at VIU. This list recognizes anyone who has received their first regular appointment. Welcome and congratulations to you all - we hope you find your experience enriching and positive. This list is for appointments from September 1, 2019 to November 1, 2019. 

  • Mikhail Ivanov, Coordinator, International Recruitment Services, Faculty of International Education
  • Naomi Bailey, Education Navigator, Office of Aboriginal Education and Engagement
  • Francesca Paladino, Education Abroad Assistant, Faculty of International Education
  • Stacie Chappell, Associate Dean, Faculty of Management
  • Rob Bauer, Building Control Systems Technologist, Facility Services
  • Erica Goss, Senior Research Analyst, Program Quality, University Planning and Analysis
  • Kim Wilson, Gift Shop/Tea Room Coordinator, Milner Gardens
  • Sara Lamarre, Technician, Student Affairs
  • Becca Evenson, Starbucks Shift Lead, Starbucks
  • Leyla Innala, Animal Care Officer, Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity
  • Joe Blaine, Instructor, Faculty of Trades and Applied Technology
  • Denise Kranz, Contract Specialist, Purchasing
  • Rebecca Relkov, Financial Assistant, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Dylan Ewen, Technician, Office of Future Students
  • Matthew Vantol, Sr Tool Room Attendant/Instructional Assistant, Faculty of Trades and Applied Technology
  • Brad Moran, Technician, Office of the Vice President, Administration and Finance
  • Danica McKinley, Starbucks Barista, Starbucks
  • Tess Ostrand, Commercial Dishwasher, Ancillary Services
  • Joemar Turingan, Data Coordinator, Office of the President
  • Jamie MacFarlane, Program Assistant, Office of Co-Curricular Engagement

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