VIU Philosophers' Cafe ponders deep questions about topical issues

September 26, 2014 - 3:45pm

Community drop-in forum promotes discussion and friendly debate

NANAIMO, BC: Do you love an intelligent and passionate discussion about life’s deep questions? Everyone is welcome to attend Vancouver Island University’s popular Philosophers' Cafe.

This free drop-in Café for community members at Mrs. Riches restaurant in downtown Nanaimo offers a speaker who delivers a ten-minute talk on a provocative subject and then the floor opens for 50 minutes of general discussion.

Bring a friend and join the conversation, or just sit back and listen. Upcoming topics include:

September 29 - Home

What does it mean to have a home or feel at home? Are homes designed to be used in specific ways? How does a house become a home? We seem to choose particular kinds of material objects in making a home for ourselves. Why? Sometimes we cannot feel at home; at other times, we need to leave home – sometimes for years. What makes us leave home? What makes us return?

Laura Suski, a faculty memberin the Departments of Sociology, Liberal Studies, and Global Studies at VIU leads this discussion. She is currently working on a co-edited collection of sociological essays on the topic of home.

October 27 - Family (Fathers and Families)

Not so long ago, a father’s job was to bring home a pay cheque, fix things, and discipline the kids. Families have changed, and parenting roles are not as clear as they once were. How has fatherhood shifted in recent generations? What roles do fathers play in families and in society? What do you think of when you think of “father”?

Join Nanaimo counsellor Natalie Luchtmeyer for this interesting discussion. She is completing her Master’s degree in Child & Youth Care and her research is based on the Social Construction of Fathers with a specific focus on gendered masculinity and the evolution of fathers in our culture.

November 17  - Community

What does “community” mean to urban dwellers? In contrast to the car-dominated thinking from the 1960s (suburbs, malls), we now see a return to earlier forms of urban design in an attempt to recreate a friendlier, more connected urban experience. Can design foster a sense of connection and belonging? Do we really want to know our neighbours?

Dr. Pamela Shaw, a faculty member in VIU’s Geography program, facilitates this discussion. Her books include A Field Guide to Communication and Boxed In: Searching for the Public Good in Urban Planning.

Philosophers' Cafe is held at Mrs. Riches Café at 199 Fraser Street, Nanaimo, from 7 to 8 pm (speaker starts at 7 pm).


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