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Eldercollege 2021

December 17, 2020 - 3:00pm

By Regan McKeever, Program Coordinator  

VIU ElderCollege has reinvented itself! The fall ​session was an overwhelming success with 45 courses exclusively online, via Zoom. While the technology is still a challenge for some seniors, the opportunities to connect with friends and family during the pandemic provides significant motivation for many to acquire new skills and abilities. VIU ElderCollege students are surprising themselves with how easy and enjoyable it is to continue their lifelong learning online. 

There are ​so many people who make important contributions to VIU ElderCollege, which connects VIU with the ​older population in the​ mid-Island communities. The volunteer instructors bring unique experiences, commitment, and most importantly, passion to their courses. The Board promotes and fosters quality standards, and provides a strong advocacy voice for the development educational opportunities for seniors. There are also​ many volunteers who support VIU ElderCollege operations in other roles, which required more work in 2020 due to the pandemic and these individuals have stepped up in so many ways. 

VIU ElderCollege course fees range from $10 to $74 depending on the length of the course. There are courses which constitute a two to three-hour session in one day. Then there are the weekly courses that provide a two-hour class once a week for anywhere from three to 12 weeks. 

Annual membership in VIU ElderCollege is $20 and is required of all participants. A VIU ElderCollege membership is the passport to many wonderful and exciting learning opportunities. Membership has added benefits, such as exclusive admission to the Saturday Speakers series which, in spring 2021, focuses on climate change. It also includes one free entrance to Milner Gardens & Woodland.

Thanks to ​the​ dedicated volunteer instructors and enthusiastic Board members, the Spring Course Calendar showcases over 70 courses being offered January through May. The courses are all offered online via Zoom. Take a look at the course offerings for more details. Contactless registration is open by calling 1-866-734-6252. 

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