Update on Nanaimo Campus incident

February 4, 2016 - 1:30pm

At around 10.30 am on Thursday, February 4, a suspicious person was observed on the Nanaimo campus. Campus security alerted the RCMP, who advised VIU’s Campus Security to institute emergency procedures.


Our procedures were activitated immediately: people were instructed to shelter in place until further notice. The message was repeated at regular intervals in order to ensure our campus community were made aware.


We want to thank the University community for following these instructions. The emergency situation is now over.


We encourage everyone to download the VIU Safety App; it is the best way to be alerted to an incident or emergency even from off campus or away from a computer.


The VIU Safety App can be downloaded for various devices at the following links:

Download from the iTunes store for iPhones

Download here for Android devices

Download from BlackBerry World for Blackberry phones

We will be posting the RCMP report on this incident as soon as it becomes available.

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