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Homewood Health: Managing the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis

June 8, 2020

This article can be found in the Articles section of your Homewood Health account, which is available to all VIU employees.An aide to support yourself, other employees and family members as a result of the questions and possible anxiety that has arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic.This news has placed global populations on alert causing varied reactions in different countries and regions including... Read more

work from home

Homewood Health: COVID-19: Virtual Workplaces, the New Norm

June 8, 2020

This article can be found in the Articles section of your Homewood Health account, which is available to all VIU employees.Could remote working be the new normal for work workplaces? We’re getting a taste of what that looks and feels like right now.As we publish this article, a coronavirus called Covid-19 is evading containment around the world. (1)The fast-spreading virus is causing many... Read more

Transformational Leadership Professional Development

Homewood Health: Health-Promoting Leadership Strategies

June 8, 2020

This article can be found in the Articles section of your Homewood Health account, which is available to all VIU employees.Despite the fact there is a strong correlation between productivity and health promoting strategies, not all workplaces are implementing them. In 2011, Homewood Health and the Graham Lowe Group undertook a market survey of private sector organizations across Canada employing... Read more

VIU Master of Business Administration Students learning to be leaders in today's increasingly complex, digital world.

VIU Business Interns Focus on Economic Recovery

May 29, 2020

University partners with national organization to offer businesses and organizations help with solving challenges or exploring new opportunities. Vancouver Island University (VIU) is launching an initiative designed to leverage the experience and intellectual resources of students in the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program to support the local community’s economic... Read more

VIU Planting Vegetable Seeds for a Growing Need

Planting Vegetable Seeds for a Growing Need

April 27, 2020

VIU Horticulture facility ramps up the cultivation of vegetable starters for Nanaimo Foodshare’s Good Food Box Program.Vancouver Island University (VIU) has joined with others in the effort to meet the anticipated demand for affordable food during the COVID-19 pandemic. VIU’s G.R. Paine Horticultural Training Centre has made space in its greenhouses this spring to grow more seedlings for... Read more


April 23, 2020

We know for many in our community, the past month and a half has been challenging ‒ filled with rapid changes, upheaval and uncertainty about the future. With exams almost over for many of our students and faculty, we wanted to send a big thank you to everyone for the hard work and resilience you have all shown. It is incredible to witness what a community can do when it comes together to... Read more

Recipients of the 2020 Provost's Awards for Excellence in Teaching Design and Practice

April 16, 2020

The following announcement was made by Dr. Carol Stuart, Provost and Vice-President, Academic, on April 2. Congratulations to the recipients!It is my great pleasure to announce the 2020 winners of the Provost’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching Design and Practice.Teaching Design and Practice that Focuses on Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being: Les Malbon (Sport, Health and Physical... Read more

DAILY UPDATE: COVID-19, MARCH 13, 2020, 6 pm

March 13, 2020

We’d like to let everyone know that we are working hard to address this challenging situation and support our community. There is a lot of background work going on to try and implement best practices to do this. We’d like to thank our community for supporting each other – we all have a role to play to help minimize the risk of transmission. Some key information to share in this update is... Read more

VIU Aims to Fill a Shortage of Power Engineers.

VIU Aims to Fill a Shortage of Power Engineers

February 19, 2020

University rises to the challenge of meeting the demand for certified power engineers to sustain the power and energy needs of growing communities.Power engineers aren’t the most visible people in our workforce, but the reality is, the world can’t operate without them. “Without power engineers, life as we know it would be disrupted,” says David Babich, Vancouver Island University (VIU) Power... Read more

Humane Society International/Canada’s Forward Food plant-based culinary training event at VIU

VIU Culinary Arts Mixing it up at Plant-based Foods Training Event

February 14, 2020

Humane Society International/Canada and Vancouver Island University to co-host innovative plant-based culinary training event.The VIU Culinary Management diploma program provides training in advanced culinary and pastry techniques, as well as management, accounting and beverage skills. Program Chair Jason Lloyd says the two-day culinary training experience will help future chefs learn and develop... Read more