Sustainability@VIU Spreads Awareness During Sustainability Week

VIU Sustainability Week

Alexandra Weissfloch at the Green Chemistry Booth during VIU's Sustainability Week.

November 6, 2019 - 9:45am

By Don Alexander, Chair, Sustainability@VIU and Margot Croft, Administrative Assistant, Environment and Sustainability

The last week of September was Sustainability Week at VIU. Organized by Sustainability@VIU and the VIU Sustainability Advisory Committee, the week had a variety of activities from a lunch-and-learn to a fashion show and a screening of Just Eat It. 

A lively lunch-and-learn session took place on Tuesday, which featured a panel of speakers discussing how they have successfully integrated strands of sustainability into their course delivery. Later that evening, Sustainability@VIU partnered with Regional District of Nanaimo Solid Waste to screen Just Eat It, a locally produced documentary about a Vancouver couple who challenge each other to eat only foods that are bound for the bin because of best before dates or imperfect appearance.

Wednesday was the ninth annual Sustainability Fair and showcased groups from on and off campus sharing their sustainability work with the VIU community. Tours of the VIU Sturgeon Lab and the Geo-exchange Plant, demonstrations, conversation, and strategies for being less impactful on the earth were the order of the day.

Thursday saw Nanaimo campus’s first ever Slow Couture Fashion Show. This show was passionately spearheaded by students Tessa Bunz, Michellyn Sese, and Aakriti Tiwari, who wanted to raise awareness about the damaging consequences of ‘fast fashion.’ The event encouraged students and employees to create upcycled clothing or accessories. Two workshops offering hands-on opportunities to practice upcycle techniques were held earlier in the month. Six entrants modelled their (or friends’) creations. Also in the lineup were a new line of organic cotton clothing that the Campus Store now carries because of Tessa, Michellyn, and Riti’s efforts and negotiation.

Watch for other opportunities to engage with sustainable action on campus throughout the semester, and keep an eye out for next year’s Sustainability Week!

Peace Garden Sustainability Week

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