Malaspina's New Enterprise Management Goes Online

December 10, 1997 - 4:00pm

Malaspina University-College has given two of its New Enterprise Management courses a new twist by delivering them online via the Internet.

According to instructor Cathy McGougan who will be teaching NEMN 113, New Enterprise Management and NEMN 121, Marketing for Independent Business online, the move will allow working people to take the courses on their own time at home.

"By delivering these courses online, working people now have the freedom to take New Enterprise Management courses, keep their present job and prepare themselves for the day they want to start up their own business. Until now, this has just been a dream for many employed people." said McGougan.

The content of the courses is the same, it is only the method of delivery that has changed. Both courses are credit courses towards either the New Enterprise Management certificate or the newly proposed (but not finally approved), Small Business Development Online program. Registration is presently being taken for the courses which start in late January and end in late April. It is recommended that students take NEMN 113 first.

NEMN 113 looks at the process of starting a business and the various personal, social, economic and technical issues involved. Each student is taught to zero in on one idea and complete a feasibility study on the idea. Other topics include personal self assessment, identifying business opportunities, various start up strategies including buying a business, buying a franchise and starting from scratch, some small business management topics, business planning and feasibility studies.

NEMN 121 looks at marketing from a small business perspective, i.e., from the view point of a small struggling firm (or person) with few resources. It goes through the marketing mix (targeting a market and developing a product, promotion plan, price and distribution to fit that market). Other marketing activities and topics such as marketing research, consumer behaviour, the local promotion options and marketing calculations are included.

Doug Stetar, Malaspina Online technician, said, "just as in traditional courses delivered on-campus, NEMN 113 and 121 will include lots of interaction amongst the students, only in this case the 'conferencing' will be via newsgroups and other electronic means. In other online courses we've found that class interaction can be as good or better than in the actual classroom."

More information about Malaspina Online and the courses offered via the Internet can be found by visiting their website at: or by calling 753-3245, local 2265.

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