Malaspina University-College launches new Executive MBA degree

March 17, 2003 - 4:00pm

If you are working and would like to take an MBA degree at the same time, Malaspina University-College may have the answer with its newly launched Master of Business Administration Executive degree.


The Executive MBA degree program is Malaspina’s third higher business degree to be offered in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, UK, one of Britain’s foremost business schools. Malaspina began offering a regular MBA and MBA (International) degrees in 2002.


“The new EMBA is a unique degree,” said Malaspina’s MBA Director Rob Jeacock. “It offers exactly the same curriculum as the full-time MBA, but the content is spread over three years instead of the normal one year period. It allows students to work and complete a MBA degree at the same time.”


EMBA students will take six courses the first year, four the second and one course and a thesis in the final year. Courses are taught over a ten-week period and students attend class every second Saturday.


“This is an opportunity to get a higher business degree right here in Nanaimo,” said Jeacock. “Not only can you save the cost of room and board by studying elsewhere, the EMBA is competitively priced compared to tuitions at the bigger universities. The fact that you can still work makes it more attractive yet.”


Malaspina University-College has been a degree-granting institution since 1995 and has been a leader in international education since the early 1980s. It has formal ties with sister colleges, government, trade and industry in the Asia Pacific region, Mexico, South America, Europe and the United States.


The University of Hertfordshire is a public degree-granting institution with over 20,000 full-time students. UH offers a full range of academic disciplines. The Business School is one of the largest faculties and has a worldwide reputation for its excellence in partnership programs. UH has been rated as one of the top five business schools in the greater London region.


For more information about Malaspina University-College’s new Executive MBA, call Jeacock at (250) 740-6178 or email: or see the MBA website at:

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