Malaspina International Collegiate partners with Dalian Maple Leaf International High School in Dalian, China

August 14, 2000 - 5:00pm

Malaspina International Collegiate (MIC), located on the campus of Malaspina University-College, has recently concluded an exclusive partnership with Dalian Maple Leaf International High School in Dalian, China.

"As the only high school outside of British Columbia licensed to offer the B.C. high school graduation program, Dalian Maple International High School, provides Canadian students with the ultimate high school exchange opportunity," said Tom Lewis, principal of Malaspina International Collegiate.

Canadian students attending MIC now have the opportunity to spend 10 to 20 weeks in Dalian studying exactly the same courses they would study at high school in British Columbia. Dalian students are taught the B.C., grade 11 and 12 curriculum, in English by B.C. certified teachers. After 10 or 20 weeks of study at Dalian Maple Leaf International High School, Canadian students return to MIC with anywhere from 8 to 16 credits of course work toward their high school graduation.

"Many high school exchange opportunities provide wonderful experiences for Canadian students; however, when the students return to Canada they usually have to repeat a whole year or part of a school year," said Lewis. "Our partnership with this B.C. high school curriculum school in China, certified by the government of British Columbia, means our Canadian students can have a wonderful exchange opportunity without missing any credits toward their graduation. It is an arrangement unique within B.C," he said.

Malaspina International Collegiate offers entrance scholarships to Canadian students for the entry dates of September and November 2000. For more information contact the school at 741-2790 or email to

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