HR Corner: Take Control of Stress This Year

September 11, 2019 - 3:30pm

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All areas of VIU become busier at this time of year—with an influx of new students, new class schedules, workloads, coffee lineups—and when things get busy, they can become stressful! We’d like to remind everyone of some ways you can “Take Control of your Stress” through Homewood Health, by helping you recognize when you are becoming stressed and ways to control it.

Homewood Health provides seven tips to reduce stress:

  1. Reduce tension. Know your individual needs on how to relax, choose techniques that work best for you, and practise these techniques.
  2. Stay connected. Identify what gives meaning to your life, rekindle passions & connections, and spend more time with people who support you.
  3. Manage your thinking. What is going through your mind when you experience distress? Change any negative, inaccurate or unreasonable thoughts into positive, optimistic or accurate ones.
  4. Manage your feelings. Rather than letting heightened feelings determine behaviour, try consciously becoming more ‘action-centered’. Focus on what you need to do rather than the feelings you have towards doing it.
  5. Manage your time. Spend more time on activities that bring meaning to your life, organize your time to get the most out of your day, and remind yourself of how much influence you really have over how you spend your time.
  6. Get active. Did you know as an employee, you can access the VIU gym at no cost? One of the most effective ways to improve your health—and alleviate stress, worry, sadness, and even anger—is through regular activity and exercise.
  7. Seek more help when you need it. Nobody is an expert at handling all of life’s challenges and difficulties all the time. Consider accessing professional help if you are feeling overwhelmed.

For more information and a deeper look at the above seven tips, visit: and access the Homeweb library --> Workplace (change resources to courses only) --> Taking Control of Stress. As well, remember that Homewood Health is available at 1-800-663-1142 every day of the year and the service is completely confidential!

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