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Podcasts explore criminal justice system issues

A black podcast microphone.
Author: Rachel Stern, VIU Communications Officer

Students present research in a broadcast format

VIU Criminology and Media Studies students have created podcasts which delve into pressing issues related to the criminal justice system.

A compilation of these podcasts originally aired on CHLY 101.7 FM in October. It is now available to listen to on The Podcast Studies Podcast website.

These research podcasts were created as a cross-disciplinary collaboration between students from Criminology 350: Qualitative Research Methods, taught by Dr. Lauren Mayes, and Digital Media 270: Audio Production One, taught by Robin Davies, and explore topics such as the over-representation of Indigenous people in prisons and the stigma that surrounds drug users in Canada’s criminal justice system.

The Criminology students researched and wrote the podcast content, and Media Studies students handled the production, which included music, sound effects and other elements to enhance the spoken word performances.

“Lauren and I liked the idea that the assignment would push the boundaries of traditional knowledge mobilization, making a product full of substantial research and creativity that the general public could appreciate,” says Davies. “The collaboration is important: extra sets of ears in production situations almost always improve the effectiveness of the communication.”

Davies says many of the students found the assignment fun, particularly as most of them were working in a medium which was unfamiliar, but also allowed for experimentation.

“The opportunity to present research in a creative way that went beyond the typical essay format was a breath of fresh air for many a way for students to share the fruits of their labour with a wider audience than just the professor,” says Mayes.

A podcast microphone in front of a red background.

Students involved in the podcasts include:

From Criminology 350: Rebecca Murphy, Jade Gobiel, Daniel Moisan, Emily Rogers and Jessica Palmberg and Justin Johansen.

From Digital Media 270: Mick Sweetman, Teagan Howden, Reanna Sellars, Geneviève Johnson and Hamish McLaren.



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