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How mountain snow affects our daily lives

a close up image of snow.

A part of the VIU spring 2022 Science and Technology Community Lecture Series

Dr. Bill Floyd discussed how snow in the mountains of southern coastal BC affects our daily lives and how scientists are monitoring it in a changing climate during his VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture on February 9.

Floyd is a Research Hydrologist with the BC Ministry of Lands and Natural Resource Operations, a VIU Geography Adjunct Professor and Director of the Coastal Hydrology Research Lab. Floyd has 20 years of experience in the field of forest and snow hydrology. His research focuses on roads and sediment, rain‐on‐snow processes, climate change and establishing research-focused observation networks using novel approaches for measurement to both quantify and reduce uncertainty. 

Watch Floyd’s lecture:

The VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture Series is an opportunity for scientists to engage with the broader VIU faculty, students and community in ongoing research and science initiatives that are occurring in our regional and local coastal communities.


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