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How is failure valuable?

Headshot of Dr. Mike Roberson on a green background with text, There Must Be Some Mistake. Three perspectives on the value of failure.

Dr. Mike Roberson shares three perspectives on the value of failure

Over the past decade, some thinkers have attempted to reclaim failure. This includes movements to destigmatize and recast the value in another light. During his fall 2023 VIU Arts and Humanities Colloquium lecture Dr. Mike explored the pedagogical, research and poetics perspectives of failure.

Roberson is a VIU English Professor who mainly teaches first- and second-year writing and literature courses.

His major area of interest is the politics and ethics of contemporary North American experimental poetry. He published an essay on the Kootenay School of Writing in Avant Canada: Poets, Prophets, Revolutionaries (Wilfried Laurier University Press, 2019).   

Watch Roberson’s presentation:

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