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How do trees and forests contribute to climate change mitigation?

A clump of trees.

A part of the VIU spring 2022 Science and Technology Community Lecture Series

Sean Sloan discussed the recent history of trees and forests for climate change mitigation during his VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture on March 30.

Sloan is VIU’s new Canada Research Chair in the Human Dimensions of Sustainability and Resilience, within VIU’s Geography Department. He is a “big picture” geographer, focused on environmental transitions at large scales and their human dimensions. Emergent trends to forest gain, loss and management as well as to wildfires in the global tropics are his primary interests.  

Watch Sloan’s lecture:

The VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture Series is an opportunity for scientists to engage the broader VIU faculty, students and community in ongoing research and science initiatives that are occurring in our regional and local coastal communities.


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