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Drug checking technology developed at VIU supports harm-reduction strategies

Clear test tubes in a blue tray labelled Thermo Scientific.

A part of the VIU spring 2022 Science and Technology Community Lecture Series

Dr. Chris Gill is developing drug testing methods that can help limit the harm of BC’s ongoing opioid crisis. He discussed his research during his VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture on February 16.

Gill is co-director of VIU’s Applied Environmental Research Laboratories (AERL) and a VIU Chemistry Professor. He completed an honours Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Acadia University, a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of British Columbia and tenured post-doctoral research positions at Los Alamos National Laboratories and the Royal Military College. In 2018, Gill was awarded the first Provost’s Distinguished Researcher Award at VIU to recognize his many impactful contributions involving student-centered research and training at VIU. His ongoing research develops innovative chemical measurement strategies that are equally important for environmental, clinical and forensic applications.

Watch Gill’s lecture:

The VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture Series is an opportunity for scientists to engage with the broader VIU faculty, students and community in ongoing research and science initiatives that are occurring in our regional and local coastal communities.


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