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Colour - If You Dare

Colour if you dare

A Creature Feature colouring book project by VIU graphic design students

Some class projects are more fun than others! 

Every year, students in Graphic Design Professor Sebastian Abboud's second-year Core Studio 5 class (an illustration-focused class) put together a colouring book which is then available for sale - just in time for Christmas. 

"It’s an opportunity for students to collaborate and produce their own colouring book," says Abboud. "Students collectively determine a theme, and are each responsible for sketching, conceptualizing and illustrating a page of the book. This year the students decided on a monster-themed collection of work. As part of the project, we review print production, costing and budgeting as well as the creation of an online store, through which students gain experience with self-publishing."

To learn more, visit Creature Feature.

Creature Feature colouring examples

Creature Feature colouring examples

Creature Feature colouring examples


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