Audience members challenged to identify the play written by AI in VIU performance

An illustrated book page with wings that says Two Truths and A.I.

The poster for Two Truths and an A.I. was created by Leon Potter using an AI Image Generator tool.

November 28, 2023 - 9:30am

What: Two Truths and an A.I.

When: December 6-8, 12 to 1 pm 

Where: Mike Taugher Studio (Building 330, Room 109), Nanaimo campus

Can you tell the difference between a play written by a person and an AI? That’s the question audience members are asked during the interactive performance Two Truths and an A.I.

The show is a collaboration between two classes led by VIU Creative Writing and Journalism Professor Craig Taylor and Theatre Professor Leon Potter. Taylor’s class wrote two short plays and Potter had an AI tool write the third. The performance includes three short plays followed by a discussion about AI in the arts. Audience members will also be asked to guess which play was written by the AI.

“The discussion is a really important one to have and this is a great opportunity to try it out and see what can happen,” said Potter. “Is this a good idea? Where are we at with this? Is this a tool we can maintain? It struck me as a great conversation to have.”

Tickets are free and available through VIU’s Co-Curricular Involvement App. VIU students can use their computer library account to log in. Guests must click register and then sign up using their email address to get tickets. 

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The Mike Taugher Studio is a smaller performance space and tickets are limited to 25 audience members per show.


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