Alum of the Month: Megan Yim

Photo of VIU alumna Megan Yim smiling at the camera

Dr. Megan Yim at VitaCare Natural Health clinic on Bowen Road in Nanaimo.

January 14, 2021 - 5:00pm

Dr. Megan Yim (Bachelor of Arts ’15, Major in Psychology) is passionate about helping people reach their full health potential. Yim, who went on to complete a master’s degree in experimental neuropsychology at the University of Victoria and then a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, is now working as a chiropractor at Backfit Clinic in Victoria, Victory Therapeutics at the University of Victoria and at her parents’ clinic – VitaCare Natural Health – in Nanaimo. Her fondest memories of VIU include being a member of the badminton team – she was a BC Athletic Association silver medalist in women’s singles badminton with the Mariners – and working in the psychology research labs on campus, both of which she says have helped set her up for success in her current occupation.


Tell us a bit about your journey since graduating from VIU.

After graduating from VIU, I completed a master’s degree in experimental neuropsychology at the University of Victoria, focusing on spatial navigation, specifically how it is impacted after traumatic brain injury. After that, I started working at a spinal health clinic as a chiropractic assistant, which soon included research and development on new innovations in outcome measurement development. It was at this job that I found my true passion for working directly with people in a health-care role. I found being a part of people’s healing journeys so rewarding that I wanted to continue to advance my education in this area. I worked at Backfit Clinic in Victoria for two years and then went back to Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. The transition from Island life to the biggest city in Canada was jarring, to say the least. While at school, I started working as a fitness instructor at two gyms. I also worked at a physio clinic with kids suffering from sensory motor integration disorders (primarily cerebral palsy). At the clinic, I got to combine my love of working directly with people and passion for health, wellness and achieving optimal function. Once I finished school in the spring of 2019, I moved back home and started working at Backfit Clinic again, this time as a chiropractor, as well as at UVic. This summer I also started working with my Dad, Dr. John Yim, at my parents’ clinic – VitaCare Natural Health. I am so excited to bring my education back home full circle. 


Can you share any highlights from your time here?

One of the biggest highlights was competing for five years on the badminton team. Playing on a sports team is such an amazing opportunity to develop friendships, learn life lessons (specifically how hard work can pay off) and I felt so proud to be able to represent VIU at provincials and nationals. Another highlight was working in the psychology research labs. I think I benefited the most from being able to apply the things I was learning in class to actual hands-on research. This is an opportunity you don’t always get at a larger institution, as there are a lot more students and only so many research labs.


You and your Mum attended VIU at the same time and actually ended up in a class together. What was that like?

It was quite the role reversal to have my Mum asking me about courses and advice for homework that I had done the year or semester before. I lived at home while I went to school, so it was nice having someone at home to go over class materials with. 


What’s your best piece of advice for VIU students who want to follow in your footsteps?

Soak it all in, be curious and really try to understand information instead of just memorizing it for a test. I know sometimes you have to cram, but once you’re in the workforce, it’s shocking how often a little psychological principle will come up when communicating with a patient, or how understanding how to be a researcher will help you approach a situation with analytical skills and objectivity.


What’s next for you?

I plan to continue growing my practice and focus on helping people achieve lifelong health and wellness through manual therapy and movement above all else. 

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