Welcoming New Employees


June 8, 2020 - 6:30am

We are so glad to welcome all VIU employees who have received their first regular appointment since January, 2020. We sincerely hope you are all settling into your roles well and finding VIU to be a fun, supportive place to work. 

Gerri McEwen

Kristin Smart

Ember Cathers

Megan Lebeuf

Kimberley Switnicki

Marissa Smith

Wynand Steyn

Lidia Surman

Cynthia Lange

Sanchit Mittal

Sarah Read

Neil Chudleigh

Allison Bradbury

Kishore Poosa

Sangeeta Sharma

Irene Bomhof

Lori Walter

Nadine Beaudoin

Judith Hewko

Ben Kernan

April Canning

Nigel Suiter

Hanna Kerr

Shukry Mohideen

Ben McTaggart

Rose von Schilling

Jake Liscow

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