VIU’s redesigned Jazz diploma prepares graduates for careers in different music genres

A VIU music student works on an audio recording device.

VIU’s Jazz diploma provides students with a musical grounding which includes using audio recording and other digital tools. Vancouver Island University photo

January 22, 2024 - 12:00pm

VIU’s Jazz diploma gives students the musical grounding to thrive in their industry.

Vancouver Island University (VIU) has updated its Jazz diploma. The diploma immerses students in the life of a working musician.

“From the moment you walk in the door, we treat you as a musician. You are a musician when you are in this program,” said Brent Jarvis, Chair of VIU’s Music department.

The diploma program provides students with a musical grounding that prepares them to thrive in their careers. It teaches students to compose, arrange and produce music in a variety of styles and to promote and market themselves using audio recording and other digital tools. 

“It’s a condensed experience of multifaceted approaches to music that would otherwise take an entire lifetime to learn,” said Jarvis.

Why Jazz? Jarvis said Jazz is an “enormous umbrella” that encompasses all music that emerged since 1910. It is the foundation that connects to R&B, popular, contemporary, folk and country music. Graduates of the program can play music professionally in many different styles.

“The performance practice lends itself to playing all these different configurations. You can go from Dr. Dre to Cardi B to Joni Mitchell and Whitney Houston,” said Jarvis. “People are using this study of music to play whatever kind of music they want, and our program allows them to do that.”

VIU’s music courses are also available for students in other degree programs. People can develop basic musicianship skills, study an instrument or explore the enjoyment of music by taking a music appreciation class.

VIU is currently accepting applications for the Jazz diploma. The deadline for applications is March 31.

Learn more about VIU’s Jazz diploma.


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