VIU Working Remotely Chronicles: Our Favourite Things

June 8, 2020 - 8:15am

June's Working Remotely Chronicles is about our favourite things of working from home. Whether it's a lunch time walk with a furry friend, the view from the home office, or flowers from the garden, our community shows some of the best parts of each day. 

This photo represents my favorite thing about working from home. These two assistants are a pleasure to have around to support me. They make me laugh everyday, they force me to get out of my chair once in a while, and they love me unconditionally. Although they really don’t help me with any of my work, cuteness overload makes up for that!

This mug makes me smile every time I use it. I got it on a trip to Newfoundland when we were visiting family. It was one of the most amazing trips I've been on - the landscape was breath-taking and I lost count of how many whales we saw on our various hikes and excursions. The history was incredible and heart-breaking at the same time. But most of all I Ioved the warmth and humour of all the people I met – we were in stitches for much of the trip chatting away to people we’d run into on the trail, in a restaurant or at the pub. Definitely a trip that was ‘Best Kind! So, whatever is in this mug, it always makes me smile.

I love my bike! It has been so much fun getting out, and it sure makes Nanaimo’s hills easier. Attached is a picture I took while waiting for my husband.

Working from home chronicles, the Jacklin household:

We live in a condo near downtown with a beautiful view of our waterfront. I think that the view goes a long way to keeping our spirits up during this exceptional time.

Fred has created an office in our den – creatively using cardboard boxes as a makeshift desk, pictured here with the support of our cat Rupert.

I cycle through the different rooms, using yoga props to create a work surface, pictured here with the support of our cat Rupert.

I wonder if we are so much working from home as we are keeping the cat company?

My ‘keeping sane’ ritual involves either thinking about or doing a regular fitness routine courtesy of the Bowflex Ultimate Max workout contraption we have in the room now called Fred’s office (Fred uses this too). When I need a break from screen time, I switch off by doing jigsaw puzzles while listening to podcasts, current faves being My Favorite Murder, Criminal and Wind of Change. Spotify music playlists keep me going through the day -- I’m enjoying either some soul/funk tunes or taking a trip back to the 80s (never a bad thing as long as we are only talking about the music).

Coffee breaks in the morning are now outside with all the flower planters on the little back deck.

Flowers from my garden on my desk are a huge benefit to working from home. 

Our dog Luna goes for super long walks or bike rides (20+km 3-4 x per week) with my husband while I work. She loves to play when home and I enjoy my lunch breaks even more when I head outside with her. 

My office companions are very entertaining.

I spend time outside with our cat, Winnie, and watch plants, bugs and birds. 

Although I know we probably have more pet pictures than you can shake a stick at, I thought I'd share this. Since Day One, my cat has been hovering around my desk trying to sit on my lap, acting like an overall needy pain. I finally figured it out! Put a box on my desk and now he sleeps there pretty much most of the day, my students ask everyday "How's Bilbo? Is he on time for class?"

One thing I am enjoying about my work-from-home situation is the chance to go out into my garden on my lunch breaks. Pulling weeds and admiring the flowers provides a much-needed mental health break!

Hands down the best part about working from home has been being able to cook during the day, it has really changed how I eat during the day.  Hot breakfasts and really good lunches every day (BBQ!), sometimes even a bowl of ice cream during an afternoon Zoom meeting. Generally, if I am in Zoom with you and have my camera off, it is because I am eating. Again.

That aside, I will happily go back to my packed lunches if it means I could see my favourite colleagues in person again.

Here is what I do to try to keep my spirits up:

  • Walk in the morning as my commute to work.
  • ‘Go for Coffee’ with colleagues (virtually)
  • Morning workout with colleagues.
  • Fitness workout Monday after work. 

Here is what I do to try to keep my spirits up:

This is my motivational mug...just get IT done! 

My view is amazing with everyday being a different one.  I have the pleasure of seeing otters, eagles, blue heron, seagulls and many other birds throughout the day.  

One of my favourite parts of the day is getting to work with my daughter while she does her school work. Her little desk is next to mine while she practices her numbers and letters each day. 

Matt's at-home office-mate has no problem with personal boundaries. 

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