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A Different Kind of University draft strategic plan

Help shape the future of VIU by sharing your input on VIU's draft strategic plan - A Different Kind of University.

November 9, 2020 - 10:15am

The University’s draft strategic plan, called A Different Kind of University, outlines a five-year vision and direction for VIU that builds on community input heard last spring and summer.


Vancouver Island University (VIU) has developed a vision for the future it would like to see and is ready to hear if the vision resonates with community.

A Different Kind of University is the name of VIU’s draft 2021-26 strategic plan, which is inspired by the institution’s deep roots in community and efforts to bring post-secondary education to under-represented populations, building a supportive learning environment for diverse learners and strengthening connections with community members in shaping VIU’s teaching and research.

“We are imagining a different kind of post-secondary education,” says Dr. Deborah Saucier, President and Vice-Chancellor. “Building on our strengths, VIU envisions a unique educational experience that is more accessible, more inclusive, more collaborative and more deeply rooted in community.”

Between March and July of 2020, about a thousand people shared their thoughts about VIU, its strengths and their visions for its future as part of the initial round of consultations. These thoughts and ideas are captured in the What We Heard report.

The next stage of the engagement process is taking place and community members can share their opinions on the draft plan through an interactive online platform and be part of shaping the future of VIU and how it interacts with – and impacts – community. 

The plan includes three core values – people, place and passion – and four overarching goals and our commitments to meeting them:

  • Build transformational learning experiences for all;
  • Boost inclusion and well-being;
  • Strengthen community partnerships; and
  • Plan for seven generations.

These goals capture – and build on – what students, employees and the wider community see as VIU’s greatest strengths as an institution as shared in the initial round of engagement. 

Feedback will be collected until November 27, 2020. To participate:

  • Read the new goals, objectives and initiatives proposed for VIU’s next five years.
  • Give your feedback wherever there are drop-down boxes. You can indicate your level of support for each proposal by voting, and you can share thoughts in the comment boxes, either publicly or privately. You can also simply email feedback to at any time.
  • Return to the site throughout the engagement period to see what others are saying, continue engaging in the conversation, and change your vote or revise your comments. 

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Jenn McGarrigle, External Communications Advisor, Vancouver Island University

C: 250.619.6860 | E: | T: @VIUNews

The Future We Want to See

“I would love to see a greater integration of Indigenous culture and teachings on campus. To learn and to care about the land you stand on is one of the greatest feats of respect and reconciliation I can think of.”

-student Seth Recalma

“I now attend a much larger university, but frequently find myself missing VIU’s close-knit community.”

-VIU alum Kathleen Kerr-Donohue

“Building relationships with professors and having their support and guidance in pursuing the future I wanted has been instrumental to my success thus far. The personalized approach to education helped make my learning specific to my goals, setting me up to achieve them.”

-VIU alum Rory Marshall

“The community-based research that is taking place out of the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute is producing tangible results and connections within the communities, in a practical rather than solely conceptual way.”

-Ian Thorpe, Chair, Regional District of Nanaimo

“I believe that offering further education along with degree and diploma programs to local students is an important step in helping keep our talent local and in our communities.”

-Ian Anderson, CEO, Mid-Island Coop

“I hope to see a further evolution of our work and classroom spaces into more community-focused hubs that serve multiple purposes (health, social connections, collaborating, etc.).”

-employee Leslie Burgoyne

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