The VIU People Plan: Getting Involved

People Plan Get Involved

November 6, 2019 - 2:00pm

The VIU People Plan is the plan for VIU’s people. It was created from the concerns, desires and ideas of VIU employees, which means it belongs to us all and its success depends on us.

This means there is space for every employee who wants to participate in making it a reality. There are five Invitations For Action, all of which have comprehensive 12-month and 12-36 month action plans which are waiting to be implemented.

The functionality of the People Plan microsite is currently being built out to enable individuals to upload their own content and share their success.  

Want to make a positive impact in your workplace?

Read the plan to choose an Invitation For Action:

  • Cultivate a Healthy Workplace Culture
  • Foster Diversity, Fairness and Truth and Reconciliation
  • Advance Operational Effectiveness and Innovation
  • Encourage Employee Well-being
  • Support Transformational Leadership and Professional Development

Check out the VIU People Plan website, the VIU Digest and VIU Voices for the following opportunities and information: 

  • Success stories
  • Ongoing activities
  • Initiatives
  • Ways to connect
  • Information on working groups
  • Accountability reports
  • Dialogue series covering a variety of aspects on each Invitation For Action such as the first on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  •  Templates for leading discussions in your team
  • Templates for initiating activities such as recognition events

If you find something that piques your interest, contact the person connected with it to find out how you can join, copy a successful initiative in your team, launch your own or get involved in institution-wide dialogues and cross-departmental activities. Want to do something you don’t see? Contact to get it going.

If you are already doing something and want a story about it, contact

VIU’s People Plan theme is “Mattering Here”. Becoming involved in the Invitations to Action will help us achieve the goal of all employees feeling that they matter here at VIU.

People Plan diagram

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