VIU No Longer Mailing T4s Directly to Homes

February 20, 2019 - 10:15am

Vancouver Island University will no longer mail T4s directly to employees’ homes. However, it will be easier than ever for you to access them through the completely secure VIU Payroll Portal

This change is being made for the following reasons:

1)      Future-proofing against technology changes

2)      Achieve efficiencies

3)      Decreased environmental impact

4)      Ease of use for you

How to access your T4:

1)      T4s will be available on February 27th

2)      Go to the VIU Payroll Portal

3)      Click on Enter the Employee Portal

4)      Login credentials for sign-in:  User ID (always 6 digit employee number) and Password:  If you forgot your password just click the “forgot your password”  green button and it will be emailed to you

5)      Click on Employee Self-Serve à Payroll à Tax Forms à Choose T4 à Print

You can print it as many times as you like.

Don’t want to print it yourself?  That is fine – visit the Payroll Office Building 300 Room 117.

Have questions? Call (250) 740-6408 or email  

The method of delivering T4s is supported by the Canadian Payroll Association because it is safe, secure and accurate.

All employees who left VIU this year or are currently on leave will receive their T4s via mail.

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