VIU Brand Standards Ease the Guesswork on Logos, Email Signatures, Fonts and More

VIU brand standards will be available soon

September 12, 2019 - 2:45pm

In the spring, the Strategic Marketing team released new brand standards. This helpful guide will teach you how to use VIU’s logo, correct fonts, create an email signature and more.

 VIU’s brand is a significant piece of VIU’s reputation. Its creation is informed by VIU’s values and elements of the brand often serve as the first impression a prospective student, their parents or a future employee have of VIU. Using it correctly is easy with the standards, which take the guesswork out of creating materials for distribution to your faculty, making a document for students, or curating your department’s social media page.

One thing you can do…

What is one thing you can do to be sure you’re using the brand correctly? That’s a good question, with an answer that shouldn’t take too much of your time.

The one thing you can do is become familiar with the logo, which is discussed starting on page 2 in the brand standards, to make sure you and your team are using it correctly. You can find all approved versions of the logo on the MARCOMM website resources page in formats that are most typically used.

Now that you know how to spot an incorrect use of the VIU logo, you can help your co-workers also use the correct logo, or, if an incorrect use is spotted outside your department, contact Strategic Marketing.

If you run your department’s social media page, you may be interested in the new icons the Strategic Marketing team has created for your use. Check out the social media guide for tips, tricks and best practices. They also help present a unified look to all VIU social media pages and are easy to use. Check out page 37 to learn more, and submit a Job Request for a new social icon.

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