Vancouver Island University welcomes award-winning foot and ankle researcher

Dr. Michael Asmussen sitting in a tree and smiling at the camera.

Dr. Michael Asmussen’s research program focuses on how the foot and ankle are essential for the human ability to walk and run.

May 24, 2023 - 3:30pm

Dr. Michael Asmussen received a Michael Smith Health Research BC Scholar award to bring his research to VIU.

“You need to improve your stability” is one of the most common pieces of advice offered by clinicians to people recovering from an injury resulting from a fall.

Despite this, researchers are still trying to determine the best way to help people maintain their stability as they age. This is the focus of an award-winning researcher joining Vancouver Island University (VIU). Dr. Michael Asmussen is investigating the structure, function and neural control of the foot and ankle during movement in healthy, injured and diseased states and translating this into innovative health-care solutions.

Asmussen is the recipient of a Michael Smith Health Research BC Scholar award. The award supports early-career health researchers who are building leading-edge research programs and is highly competitive.

It’s the latest career achievement for Asmussen, who has held a Canada Research Chair position in Neuromechanics and Human Physiology at Mount Royal University since 2020. In 2021, he was awarded the International Society of Biomechanics World Athletics Award for his research related to locomotion biomechanics.

Asmussen’s research program focuses on how the foot and ankle are essential for the human ability to walk and run. He aims to provide a mechanistic understanding of how the foot-ankle complex contributes to stability during common mobility tasks such as walking or balancing. He will then translate this research into innovative health-care and technology solutions. He uses a combination of biomechanical tools, physiological measures, computer modelling and simulation techniques to answer pressing research questions.

At VIU, Asmussen will work mostly with human participants. He will work with clinics in the mid-Island region to develop tools that are better able to assess and improve a person’s mobility using low-cost, easy-to-use technologies.

“VIU is thrilled to have such an exceptional scholar join our institution,” said Dr. Nicole Vaugeois, Associate Vice-President of Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity. “Dr. Asmussen’s highly innovative research program will help inform important health-care solutions in our region and beyond.”



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