T’was the Week Before Christmas (VIU Version)


December 22, 2020 - 11:45am

By Rose von Schilling, Program Assistant

Adapted extensively from “A Visit From St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore

Public domain, intended for private entertainment only, so not covered by copyright protection


T’was the week before Christmas

And all through the halls

Not a creature was stirring

But they weren’t at the malls

They’ve built a drive-thru

On our parking lot

More bunnies are hopping

Along pathways, uncaught


For the campus is empty

From the gym to canteen

There’s a virus so catching

Causes covid-19


All over the world

It’s amazing to know

That something so small

Could cause so much woe


The economy’s crashing

We add up the cost

But our hearts are broken

For the loved ones now lost


They told us to distance

And each do our part

We came together

By staying apart


So off home we all went

To kitchens and dens

Laptops, webcams and email

Oh, when will it end?


To go and buy groceries

Was scary; beware

Looked for toilet paper

But the shelves were all bare


Dr Bonnie’s on TV

Be calm and be kind

The curve must be flattened

Until a vaccine we find

We drove by for birthdays

And met up in the park

It’s great to see you

But we’re six feet apart


There’s Zoom now for meetings

Each a Hollywood square

A reason to get dressed

And to brush our hair


We see your mouth moving

But you’re still on mute

With pets photobombing

Your new curtains are cute…


Masks inside in public

A tool we all use

My new one is trendy

But does it match my shoes?


This college gypsy

‘Round the West I did roam

Now at VIU campus

But I’m working from home!


I miss you all

But you’re near in my heart

In the year of coming together

By staying apart


Happy Christmas* to all

And to all a good night

To you and your dear ones

In this season of Light

*a traditional seasonal greeting originating in Western Europe; not intended to endorse or promote one faith or culture over another

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Solstice

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy belated Diwali

And of course,

Happy Holidays

Christmas morning VIU

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