Trauma-Informed Leadership at VIU


March 31, 2022 - 9:45pm

A compassionate and trauma-informed approach to leadership is essential for creating healthy workplace cultures.

Achieve Centre for Leadership

VIU acknowledges the prevalence of trauma in our world and the impact on people we interact with, including team members, colleagues, and students. It is our aim to promote workplace environments, across all campuses, that support the well-being of all employees.

For the March 2022 “Manage Here” session for VIU leaders, Human Resources hosted a trauma specialist from the Crisis & Trauma Research Institute and their ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership, who facilitated a powerful live virtual session on trauma-informed leadership.  The session explored leading through a trauma-informed lens, increasing psychological safety, and building resilience throughout the institution, following five key principles that trauma-informed organizations embody:

  • Promote Awareness
  • Shift Attitudes
  • Foster Safety
  • Provide Choice
  • Highlight Strengths

Learn more about what it is to be trauma informed, and why a trauma informed approach should be incorporated into organizations, systems and work teams. Access four self-directed 15-30 minute modules that walk you through the basics of becoming trauma informed, from Trauma Informed Oregon

In a trauma-informed workplace, kindness works better.

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