Printing: Solving Three Problems with One Solution

September 10, 2019 - 10:00am

Interesting fact: the way we print, scan documents and make photo copies affects three different areas of focus for improvement in VIU’s operations.

Those areas are security, sustainability and operational effectiveness. Let’s look at the issue and how it is being solved.


An in-depth study of printer use at VIU showed that confidential or sensitive materials are printed and either forgotten about or left available for anyone to walk by and grab for longer periods of time. Materials sent to printers that are left unattended creates the opportunity for a potential information breach.


The same study showed that 8.15 million sheets of paper are printed annually at VIU. Of these 8.15 million sheets, more than half are thrown out or recycled in the first 24 hours. This adds up to a lot of wasted toner and paper.

Operational Effectiveness

Servicing desktop printers is a time-consuming job for the Information Technology Services team. In addition, the cost per print from desktop printers is significantly higher compared to multi-function devices.

The Ancillary Services Department is fixing all three of these problems with one easy solution.   

Costly desktop printers will be replaced by multi-function devices that will be secured by a software solution called PaperCut. This easy-to-use software allows you to print or duplicate on any machine, anywhere in VIU. You simply go to the device of your choice, scan your employee card and confirm you want to print the item.

How it fixes the issues:


Since confirmation is required at the multi-function device to activate your print request, no documents will be left alone once printed. The software will also has its own server which will provide an additional layer of security.


Since the users must confirm at the machine with their employee card, which of the documents they have in the printing queue they desire, it provides an opportunity for users to consider whether or not they need the document printed. Hence reducing departmental print cost through the elimination of waste prints. There is further positive impact on the environment by reducing toner and energy consumption.

Operational Effectiveness:

All new devices will be serviced by Ricoh; freeing up the Information Technology Services team to spend their time on other pressing IT-related issues. Departments will be provide contact information for their Ricoh service representative.

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