A wide range of topics are being shared in the VIU Lunch and Learn Series this fall, including Recreation and Tourism Professor John Predyk’s research into enhancing visitors’ experiences at artisan businesses. Photo Credit: pexels.com stock photo

October 3, 2018 - 12:45pm

An upcoming series of talks at Vancouver Island University (VIU) promises to put the lunch hour to good use satisfying appetites for intriguing information.

The purpose of the Lunch and Learn series is to build a culture of knowledge sharing at VIU — whether it’s original research, scholarship or other creative activity — in a supportive, non-formal setting, says organizer Tanis Dagert, VIU Community Liaison with the Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Office.

“It's a great way to foster community, lifelong learning and is an excellent use of your lunch break,” says Dagert.

Topics included this Fall cover a range of subject matter: exploring environmentalism and equity in the children’s picture books of Elsa Beskow; enhancing visitor experiences at artisan businesses; a global engagement ‘story slam’; and new, science-based approaches to information technology leadership.

The series is purposefully informal, so that both visitors and presenters have opportunities to learn, share and discuss insights and ideas. Employees and students get the chance to share information that excites them, test-run talks they are presenting at other conferences, or gain experience defending their thesis.

The sessions are held on scheduled Tuesdays from 12 - 1 pm in Building 305, Room 440.

Upcoming Fall 2018 Bring Your Lunch and Learn Series sessions include:

Tuesday, Oct. 23: Exploring the Roots of Environmentalism and Equity in the Picture Books of Swedish Illustrator Elsa Beskow, presented by VIU English Professor Terri Doughty

Tuesday, Oct. 30: Enhancing visitors’ experiences at artisan businesses: A case study of the Economusée Business Model in British Columbia, presented by Recreation and Tourism Professor John Predyk

Tuesday, Nov. 6: World VIU Days, Global Engagement Travel Grant “Story Slam”

Tuesday, Nov. 20: Re-Thinking IT Leadership - A Science-Based Approach to Team Engagement, presented by Darren Eveleigh, Director of IT Operations




Jenn McGarrigle, Communications Officer, Vancouver Island University

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