Learning Business in the Digital Landscape

The VIU MBA program is evolving to suit the demands of industry and prepare students for the ever-changing business landscape.

Vancouver Island University’s Master of Business Administration program has been reimagined in a way that supports graduate students to excel in complex and diverse business landscapes.

August 28, 2019 - 2:15pm

Disrupting the traditional educational model, Vancouver Island University’s (VIU’s) redesign of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program prepares business leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and tools to manage the complex and diverse work environments in this digital age.

“For the redesign, our team identified the knowledge, values and skills our graduates need to be successful in the future global marketplace,” says Joanna Hesketh, VIU MBA Professor. “We don’t just focus on teaching business students how to make money; we teach them to consider the quadruple bottom line of financial, environmental, cultural and social responsibility.”

The MBA program will be an intensive, 20-month, full-time program with integrated courses in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, research and technology. Courses are taught within the context of five core program learning outcomes: critical thinking, global citizenship, maintaining a growth mindset, technical/digital literacy and professional values. The program reflects the increasingly integrated nature of management teams by providing a cohesive learning approach across disciplines within semesters.

“What this means is courses won’t be taught in silos, but rather knowledge and our core values will be taught among all business disciplines collaboratively,” says Hesketh. “This integrated approach to teaching will help students truly understand the big picture of business.”

By leveraging connections with community and industry, the program will also incorporate more applied learning opportunities for students to engage with their knowledge from the classroom in real-life situations.

In consultation with industry, VIU recognized the need for teaching students how to adapt to changing business landscapes and has responded by putting a strong emphasis on digital transformation in the new MBA program.

“In a world where a single tweet can destroy a company’s reputation, we need to teach our students how to manage that risk and work with employees and organizations to communicate ethically and effectively within a surveillance-based economy,” says Hesketh.

Through courses such as Digital Behaviour and Emerging Technologies, students learn how to navigate in the diverse digital age. They will learn how to communicate effectively using technology and understand their digital footprint.

“This is one of the most technologically-integrated MBA programs in Canada,” says Hesketh.

The reimagined MBA program will include two intakes per year – in September and January – with the first cohort starting in September 2020.



Rae-Anne Guenther, Communications Officer, Vancouver Island University

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