Generosity of donors supports student success

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April 24, 2024 - 3:15pm

The 2023 Giving in Action report shares stories of students who received awards.

Last year, the Vancouver Island University (VIU) Foundation gave out more than 3,000 awards to students who needed a financial boost to continue their studies.

The total value raised came out at more than $3.7 million and students across all programs benefitted.

“It put me in a comfortable place, allowing me to focus on school,” said Sarah McClelland, a Bachelor of Education student. “It makes you feel really good about yourself and about the world, that there are still people willing to help and to make it so other people can strive to be the best they are.”

McClelland’s story and others are detailed in the VIU Foundation’s Giving in Action report, which shares the stories of students who received awards as well as a story from legacy donor Les Dickason, who aims “to make a small difference in terms of assisting Education students in need as they continue their programs without going bankrupt or taking out too many loans.”

Trinity LaRose was able to complete her first year of the Automotive Service Technician program with the help of a scholarship from LP Building Solutions, which created an access fund that supports female and Indigenous students to enter trades training.

“Thank you for supporting me financially and helping me discover a program that I really fell in love with,” she said. “I hope to continue my apprenticeship training until I achieve my red seal.”

Emily Newberry made the transition from bursary recipient to donor last year. In her final year of university, Emily applied for an emergency bursary to help her replace some vital items that had been stolen from her car.

“I felt relieved to receive some help in my final semester,” she remembered. “I really needed it in the end when you have rent to pay and bills come up outside of school. It’s because of this help that I donated to the VIU Foundation. It was my chance to give back and help another student in need.”

Another success detailed in the report is the VIU Emergency Bursary Fund. This is a fund that is given out year-round to students in financial need to ensure they don’t have to pause their studies when an unexpected financial or family issue comes up. Last year, 50 donors raised more than $30,000 to support this fund.

“This past year, your contributions have helped more than a thousand students achieve their dream of attending VIU,” wrote Richard Horbachewski, VIU Foundation Executive Director, in a letter to donors. “Your generosity and dedication to supporting students has not only transformed the lives of those directly involved; it has also contributed to advancing our mission to foster excellence in education, research and community engagement. None of it would have been possible without the steadfast support of donors like you.”

Read the full report.

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