November 6, 2019 - 3:30pm

In each issue of VIU Voices, we recognize colleagues who have achieved a significant milestone in their careers. If you or someone you know deserves some recognition, please contact us and we will share their good news!

The 2019 recipients of the President's Awards for Community Engagement:

  • International Engagement Award: Dr. Aggie Weighill (Faculty of Management)
  • Community Leadership Award: Ms. Anita Carroll (Faculty of Health and Human Services) 
  • Indigenous Engagement Award: Ms. Lillian Morton (Faculty of Education) 
  • Community Outreach Award: Ms. Sandy Alexander (Faculty of Health and Human Services)

The 2019 recipients of Provost's Awards for Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity 

  • Graduate Research Mentor Award: Dr. Bonita Davidson (Faculty of Education) 
  • Distinguished Researcher Award: Dr. Erik Krogh (Faculty of Science and Technology) 

The 2019 recipients of the Deans’ Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Awards

  • Dr. Imogene Lim (Faculty of Social Sciences) 
  • Dr. Wendy Simms (Faculty of Education)

At the awards ceremony for the recognitions stated above, VIU President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Deb Saucier announced the creation of a new set of awards coming next Fall that will recognize VIU employees in all employee groups for service excellence. The categories and nomination process will announced once confirmed. Dr. Saucier also said all VIU awards, except long services awards which will continue in their current form, will be given at one big celebration event taking place each Fall, starting in 2020. 

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