Complete List: Long Service Honourees for 2020

February 26, 2021 - 2:00am

This year, we are celebrating our 2020 long service honourees a bit differently than in years past. As we aren’t able to have a reception (or coconut prawns) at this time, we are recognizing all 116 employees in this edition of VIU Voices. These employees have all dedicated 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 45 years of their careers to the institution. We will, when possible, celebrate them in person with all their colleagues.

Thank you to each and every person on this list – for your willingness to share your knowledge and train those who come after you, for your commitment in seeing our students succeed and the continuity you provide so that those around you might thrive. We look forward to celebrating all of you in person as soon as we are able to do so.

Please join us in congratulating your team members! The following list starts at 45 years and works its way downward. Names are presented as recipients have requested.

45 Years

Ms. Jane Grace Cole, BA, MA

35 Years

Josephine Kooi-Moy Chong


30 Years

Bruce Ballam

Rick Bevis

Dr. David Carleton Bigelow, PhD

Ms. Pamela Jean Botterill, MA

Doug Corrin

Ros Davies

Terri Doughty

Dr. Tim Goater

Ellen Marie McCluskey

Frank Moher

Judy Morris

Albert Penner

Dr. Tony Robertson

Jay Ruzesky

Dr. Daniel Nii Teiko Simons


25 Years

Dr. Caroline Burnley

Deirdre Godwin

Ann Holroyd

Debra Jacklin, BA PRDipl

Dr. Nicole L. Vaugeois, PhD

Robert Wager

Dr. Peter Walsh


20 Years

Mr. Christopher Alemany

Alexis Beaubier

David Butler

Dr. Oscar Clemotte, PhD

Coleen Cooper

Gordon Cowen

Dr. Eric Demers

Craig Evans

Dr. Duane Friesen

Maurice Gallant, BA, MA. TESL

Dr. Alan Gilchrist

Colin Haime, CPA, CA, BA

Dawn Johnson

Michael O'Shea

Tanya Reiber

Dr. Lynn Rollison, RN

Ms. Joanne A. Schroeder

Dr. Wendy Simms

Robert Vink

David Wessels


15 Years

Archna Acharya

Sylvia Arnold

Jennifer Bradley

Kyla Bruce

Mr. David Cake

Bonita Davidson

Heather Gallant

Rita Gower, Med

Ashraf Hassib

Mr. Robert Edward Hilles, BA, MSc

Liz Laidlaw

Dr. Joy Liu

David W. Livingstone

Shannon MacMillan

Sandra Moreside

Ms. Darlene Norby

Dr. Darren M. Paproski, BComm, MBA,  PhD

Debra Pentecost, PhD

Janette Polson

Paris Polydorou, PhD

Dr. Harry A. Sackey

Dr. Sue M Sanders, DVM, PhD

Albert Christopher Seinen, MA, MEd

Megan Shevchenko, BBA

Kathryn Snow

Frank Fenix Theuerkorn

Christine Bomford

Bryan Webber

Dr. Aggie Weighill

Ms. Alanna Williams

Dr. Hannah Wilson

Mr. Fu (Simon) Yuan, MSc


10 Years

Shane Ahola

Karen Armitage

Jenny Jung Sook Aronson

Megan Bailey

Leslie Barclay

William J. Beese

Michael Boquist, BASc

Dr. Matthew T Bowes, PhD

Robert Burrows

Bruce Condie

Dr. Anupam Das, M.Sc., MBA, PhD

Stephanie Didsbury

Dr. Rob Ferguson

Sheila Grieve, MAIS, BPE, BA, ECE

Joy P. Gugeler, PhD, ABD

Mohammed Hawamdeh

Denise Hook

Cimarron Knight

Sylvie Lafrenière, PhD

Barbara Jean Mac Queen, RACM RSE, PID

Martin L Martens, PhD, MBA, BSc, EMR, GSAR, GSTL

Andrea Martin

Cherie McLennan

Rachel Francesca Moll, PhD

Curtis Morgan

Rolanda Murray

Dr. Sameer Taher Mustafa

Rita Christine Naeschke

Brandon Nelson

Ms. Michele Patterson

Kathleen Reed

Mary Ann Richards, PhD

D. Marian Riedel

Angelique Silvestro

Janina Stajic, MA

Natalle Tessier, MEd

Tamara Timbers, RID

Melissa Emiline Townsend, BCom

Roger Zhang

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