Community Classroom

Virtual Field Trip: Wildlife Viewing at Home

Author: Pamela Murray

A Shoots with Roots adventure

Join Pam (and her cat) for some tips on making the most of at-home wildlife viewing. You may think you need to travel to see wildlife - but there's a lot of wildlife that lives at our homes, and what better time to get to know it than when we're self-isolating? If you're patient, use all of your senses, and think about where the wildlife near your home may be hiding, you might find some surprising things.

This week's challenge: Set up a cozy wildlife watching spot in your yard or in your home near a window, and try to spend at least five minutes a day there this week.

Teachers: This video supports the development of curricular competencies in the BC science curriculum around questioning and predicting for Grades K - 4:

*Demonstrate curiosity and a sense of wonder about the world.

*Observe objects and events in familiar contexts.

*Make and record observations.

*Make observations about living and non-living things in the local environment.


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