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Virtual Field Trip: Signs of Spring

A bundle of white snowdrops are starting to bloom at Milner Gardens & Woodland
Author: Pamela Murray

A Shoots with Roots adventure

The official first day of spring is still almost a week away, but if you look hard enough there are already signs of plants and animals 'waking up' for springtime! Join Pam as she explores Milner Gardens & Woodland in search of some early signs of spring from snowdrops to skunk cabbage! This video just might inspire you to head out into your own neighbourhood to see what early signs of spring *you* can find!

This video supports the following BC Science Curriculum: 

  • K - adaptations of local plants and animals, seasonal changes, living things make changes to accommodate daily and seasonal cycles. 
  • 1 - names of local plants and animals, structural features of living things in the local environment.
  • 2 - Observe objects and events in familiar contexts; make and record observations, experience and interpret the local environment. 
  • 3-4 - biodiversity in the local environment, demonstrating curiosity about the natural world, make observations of living and non-living things in the local environment 
  • 5-7 - experience and interpret the local environment.

Learn more about Milner Gardens & Woodland's Shoots with Roots program on the Milner Gardens webpage or visit the Shoots with Roots Facebook page.


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