Community Classroom

Virtual Field Trip: Fall Leaves

Yellow Katsura leaves on a tree
Author: Pamela Murray

A Shoots with Roots adventure

You've probably noticed that leaves change colour and fall to the ground in the autumn, but ... WHY? Join Pam to learn some of the science of why, and how, deciduous plants change colour and lose their leaves in the autumn.

This video supports the following Big Ideas from the BC Science Curriculum:

  • K - Daily and seasonal changes affect all living things.
  • 1 - Living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment.
  • 2 - Water is essential to all living things and it cycles through the environment.
  • 3 - Living things are diverse, can be grouped and interact in their ecosystems.
  • 4 - All living things sense and respond to their environment.

Learn more about Milner Gardens & Woodlands' Shoots with Roots program on the Milner Gardens webpage or visit the Shoots with Roots Facebook page.


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